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CEGS Olympics

  • Capture the Flag: an afternoon competing among departments to capture the most flags. It's a great opportunity to go outdoors, relax your mind and have tons of fun. There will be drinks and snacks to make it even more fun! Thursday, Oct. 14, 6-7:45 p.m., Carol Ann Gavin Garden (in front of Brown-Kopel)

Graduate Engineering Research Showcase (GERS)


Do you have some exciting new research you'd like to share? Would you like to practice and polish your "elevator speech" with faculty and fellow graduate students? Are you thinking about presenting a poster at an upcoming conference? If so, the Graduate Engineering Research Showcase is for you!

The purpose of the event is to highlight and reward the outstanding work of our graduate students, to promote engineering scholarship, professionalism, and interdisciplinary research, and to introduce new graduate students into the culture of our graduate programs. The event includes a welcome speech by the Dean, a graduate student poster competition, a meet & greet with new graduate students, refreshments at the event, and an awards dinner that evening. There are t-shirts and more gifts for all the participants! Thursday, Oct. 28, 2-6 p.m., Brown-Kopel Grand Hall


Getting to know intellectual property: why and what you need to know as a grad student

Have you wondered about how Auburn University research gets out of the lab and into the marketplace? Are you working on research that may have a commercial application? Do you have questions about copyright regarding software you’re developing or third-party software you want to use?

Aly Hoeher, from Auburn’s office of Innovation Advancement and Commercialization, will offer a talk about intellectual property. The discussion will include information about patents, copyright, ownership of intellectual property, and the available resources to protect and advance new inventions developed at Auburn.

Additionally, Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Law are excellent career pathways for individuals with advanced science and engineering degrees. Aly will talk about how these rolls are a fit for individuals who have an interest in helping cutting edge technologies advance into the marketplace or who are interested in working with and learning about new inventions across disciplines. 

Tuesday, Nov. 2, 1-2 p.m., location TBD

Last Updated: Sep 24, 2021