ISE department kicks off fall MEM cohort at Radiance

Published: Aug 17, 2020 9:00 AM

By Karen Hunley

After successful pilot semesters in spring and summer 2020, the first cohort partnership between the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering and Radiance Technologies in Huntsville officially kicked off Aug. 17, the first day of the fall 2020 semester. 

Twelve Radiance employees are part of the Master of Engineering Management (MEM) Cohort Program, allowing them to earn their master’s degree online while continuing on their current career path. The cohort members are located either in Huntsville or the Radiance location in Dayton, Ohio. 

Offered through the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE), in partnership with Engineering Online and Continuing Education, the MEM program provides students with a business management approach to engineering with a technical specialization.

Like all MEM students, Radiance cohort members chose between four degree specialization options: systems, manufacturing, occupational safety and ergonomics, and product innovation. Eight employees chose the MEM systems option, and four are on the product innovation path. 

The cohort will take the same sequence of classes at the same time, finishing together in two years (the spring/summer 2020 pilot group will skip classes they already took when they come back around).

 John Evans, chair of the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, said he hopes that this is just the beginning for the ISE department and its future with developing cohorts, having already proposed the instructional model to at least seven other interested companies in Huntsville.

“Cohort education is valuable for all parties involved," he said. "From the perspective of students it’s easier to start your graduate education with someone you know – you aren’t jumping off the cliff by yourself. From our perspective in the department, it expands our programs and improves the performance of our students.”



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Radiance Technologies cohort classroom

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