NCAME awarded $4M for additive manufacturing high-temperature material characterization

Published: Mar 24, 2022 10:45 AM

By Jeremy Henderson

Things continue to heat up at the National Center for Additive Manufacturing Excellence (NCAME). 

Thanks to multiple recent contracts from Lockheed Martin and NASA totaling more than $4 million, the center is expanding the scope of its world-renowned additive manufacturing (AM) material characterization research to include developing AM process parameters as well as high-temperature thermal and mechanical characterizations on materials necessary for next-generation harsh environment applications. 

(Think jet propulsion — in space.)

Accordingly, three specialized furnaces have been added to mechanical load frames within the center's state-of-the-art facilities inside the Gavin Research Laboratory, which recently underwent an $18 million renovation. 

"Materials obviously behave differently at different temperatures, so whether you're operating under very hot or cold conditions, you need to understand their behavior and functionality precisely," said NCAME director Nima Shamsaei, Philpott-WestPoint Stevens Distinguished Professor of mechanical engineering. “We want to make sure these materials can endure their intended service during the harsh operational environments." 

While some of the materials slated for extreme heat behavioral analysis will be used in traditionally manufactured components, NCAME researchers will also develop processes to enable additive manufacturing of these high temperature materials. 

“We’re excited about our latest partnerships with NASA and Lockheed Martin,” said Steve Taylor, associate dean for research. “These projects will help develop an important new dimension in which to apply Auburn Engineering’s additive manufacturing expertise.”

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High-temperature thermal and mechanical characterization is underway at NCAME.

High-temperature thermal and mechanical characterization is underway at NCAME.

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