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Edmon Perkins receives 2019 Young Investigator Award from Office of Naval Research

By Jeremy Henderson

Published: Jan 10, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Edmon Perkins Edmon Perkins

Edmon Perkins, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, has won yet another Young Investigator Award.

The latest honor comes courtesy of the Office of Naval Research’s Young Investigators Program, which was established in 1985 to foster creative outside research relevant to the United States Navy and Marine Corps. The program is open to tenure-track academic researchers.

“To meet the demand signal from the National Defense Strategy, we must attract the best and brightest minds to work on naval warfighting challenges,” said Chief of Naval Research Rear Adm. David Hahn when announcing the awards. “The Young Investigator Program does just that, and I’m honored to announce the recipients for 2019.”

Perkins will share $16.5 million in ONR grants among 25 other 2019 award recipients. By constructing a topological optimization technique that considers both nonlinear and stochastic effects, his research is expected to bolster areas of noise-enhanced sensing and actuation, energy harvesting, metamaterials, earthquake-resistant buildings and quantum computing.

Perkins came to Auburn in 2016. A year later, he received the Haythornthwaite Young Investigator Award, which also supports early-career academics in applied mechanics.

He currently advises 10 undergraduate researchers, including three undergraduate research fellows, as well as three mechanical engineering graduate students. His lab’s investigations into nonlinear dynamics also includes veterinary and musical instrument design.

For more information on Perkins’ work, visit the Nonlinear Dynamics Lab website.

Media Contact: Jeremy Henderson,, 33.844.3591

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