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Tommy Britt named Auburn's outstanding materials engineering student

By Chris Anthony

Published: Jun 7, 2018 8:00:00 PM

Tommy Britt Tommy Britt

Tommy Britt, ’18 materials engineering, was named the 2018 outstanding student for Auburn’s materials engineering program. He will be completing his graduate education at Carnegie Mellon University before pursuing a career in industry and eventually academia. 

“I was born and raised working on a farm near Tallassee. There was never a question of if I would be an engineer, rather what type of engineer. I chose materials engineering because the classes went beyond an equation sheet to teach qualitative science. The way I viewed everyday objects changed after learning how atoms interact with each other to build materials. I am honored to be recognized as both Materials Engineering Outstanding Student and the SGA Outstanding Student for the College of Engineering. I want to thank my professors for considering not just my work, but my character as well in nominating me. The work I do is not to be noticed but to honor God and make the most of the education provided to me. I have loved my time at Auburn because I could not only be an engineer but also a musician, a pursuit that has grown me as a person as much as engineering has in knowledge. After graduation, I will pursue a doctorate in materials engineering at Carnegie Mellon. I hope to work on energy storage materials and then go to industry before returning to teaching and helping students discover the wonderful complexity of this world.”

Here is a video of Britt performing at an Auburn University Singers show:

Media Contact: Chris Anthony,, 334.844.3447

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