James Smith chosen as Outstanding Electrical and Computer Engineering Student

james smith
James Smith

James Smith, senior in electrical engineering, was chosen as the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering’s outstanding student for 2017. Upon graduation, he plans to pursue a doctorate and then educate the next generation of engineers.

“Coming from an immediate family that includes five practicing or retired electrical engineers, I never considered any other field when I enrolled at Auburn. I did have a choice, though, and I chose to study electrical engineering in order to keep my options open for my future career. In a technology-centered world, an electrical and computer engineer can choose nearly any field to work in! Winning this award signifies a great honor, given how smart and creative my peers are. I speak for my entire graduating class when I say that these past years at Auburn have been exceptionably busy, yet incredibly rewarding.  This coming fall, I will begin graduate school to work toward my long-term goal of obtaining a doctorate in electrical engineering, focusing in computational intelligence. I hope to one day be a professor at a university such as Auburn, where I can research, teach and mentor young engineering students.”

Media Contact: Chris Anthony, chris.anthony@auburn.edu, 334.844.3447

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