Outstanding Departmental Student Awards


One nominee should be selected for each of the following curricula:

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Biosystems Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Science and Software Engineering 
     - Computer Science 
     - Software Engineering
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Industrial and Systems Engineering
  • Materials Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Wireless Engineering

The departmental award may go to any student in the department that the faculty wants to honor. Normally, the selected student will be nearing graduation.


Previous Winners


William Koury, Aerospace Engineering
Rickman Williams IV, Biosystems Engineering
Peter Abraham, Chemical Engineering
Bess Murrah, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Seth Maddox, Computer Engineering
Saksham Goel, Computer Science
Nick Rush, Electrical Engineering
Drew Nardone, Industrial and Systems Engineering
Jeb Buchner Materials Engineering
Noah Kim, Mechanical Engineering
Ken Zou, Software Engineering


Justin Brouillette, Aerospace Engineering
Dylan Bowen, Biosystems Engineering
Danika Louw, Chemical Engineering
Brie Palmer, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Sanchit Sethi, Computer Engineering
Brianna Kristen Brown, Computer Science
Tyler Daniel Bottomlee, Electrical Engineering
Liana Grace Wood, Industrial and Systems Engineering
John Snitzer, Materials Engineering
Tanner Middleton, Mechanical Engineering
Matthew Levoy Bankson, Software Engineering
Chad Beibide, Wireless Engineering 


Lindsey Waggoner, Aerospace Engineering
Mary Beth Cassity, Biosystems Engineering
Joseph Dekle, Chemical Engineering
Allison Licavoli, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Nicholas Alex Jones, Computer Engineering
Jason Barbieri, Computer Science
Madeleine Norman, Electrical Engineering
Sarah DeFalco, Industrial and Systems Engineering
Leyton A. Janowsky, Materials Engineering
Laura Breckenridge, Mechanical Engineering
John Connor Johnston, Software Engineering
Duncan Wisniewski, Wireless Engineering (Hardware)
Joshua Lazenby, Wireless Engineering (Software)

Katie Milbrandt, Aerospace Engineering
Peyton Goodling, Biosystems Engineering
David Drinnon, Chemical Engineering
Megan Foshee, Civil Engineering
Ryan McGill, Computer Engineering
Amy Cheng, Computer Science
Alex Kaylor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Madison Evans, Industrial and Systems Engineering
Annie Custodio, Materials Engineering
Jennifer Matis, Mechanical Engineering
Turner Atwood, Software Engineering
Thomas Orrison, Wireless Engineering (Hardware)
Kun Wang, Wireless Engineering (Software)