Mohammed I. Alghamdi

Computer Science Department

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

801 Leroy Place#2062

Socorro, NM, 87801


Cell : (720) 771-1701

Home: (505) 835-6047

Research Interests


“Energy-Efficient Packet Transmissions in Real-Time Wireless Networks”:
Reducing energy consumption has become a major goal in designing modern real-time wireless networks. The focus of this study is to investigate the power and real-time issues in wireless networks. The study aims to develop a rich variety of scheduling schemes to reduce energy dissipation while meeting timing constraints of real-time applications in wireless networks. In what follows, we describe our solutions to the energy problem in the context of real-time wireless networks.
“Reducing Power Consumption in Real-Time Wireless Networks”:
In this work we addressed the issue of scheduling real-time messages in wireless networks subject to timing and power constraints. We developed a novel energy-aware message scheduling scheme, or PARM (Power-aware Real-time Message), which generates optimal schedules minimizing both power consumption and the probability of missing deadlines for real-time messages. In addition, we extended a power consumption model to calculate power consumption rates in accordance to message transmission rates. Experimental results show that PARM significantly improves the performance in terms of missed rate, energy efficiency, and overall performance over four baseline message scheduling schemes.