Mohammed I. Alghamdi

Computer Science Department

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

801 Leroy Place#2062

Socorro, NM, 87801


Cell : (720) 771-1701

Home: (505) 835-6047



Journal Papers:

  1. Power-Aware Message Scheduling for MultimediaWireless Networks. Submitted Nov. 2006.
  2. Improving Security of Real-TimeWireless Networks Through Packet Scheduling. Submitted Feb. 2007.
  3. Conserving Energy in Real-TimeWireless Networks via Message Scheduling. IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications. Submitted Jan. 2006; revised Aug. 2006.
Conference Papers:
  1. PARM: A Power-Aware Message Scheduling Algorithm for Real-Time Wireless Networks. ACM Int'l Symposium. Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Wireless and Mobile Sys.(MSWiM), Workshop Wireless Multimedia Networking and Performance Modeling, Oct. 2005.
  2. Awards: An AdaptiveWrite Scheme for Secure Local Disk Systems. Proc. 25th IEEE Int'l Performance Computing and Communications Conference (IPCCC), April 2006.
  3. HAGEES: A High Availability Guaranteed Energy-Efficient Scheduling Strategy for High-Performance Clusters. Proc. the 7th Symposium of the Los Alamos Computer Science Institute, Santa Fe, NM,Oct. 2006.
  4. Scheduling of Periodic Packets in Energy-AwareWireless Networks. Proc. the 26th IEEE Int'l Performance Computing and Communications Conf. (IPCCC'07),New Orleans, Louisiana, April 2007.
  5. Integrating Fault Recovery and Quality of Security in Real-time Systems. Proc. IEEE International Symposium on Ubisafe Computing, Ontario, Canada, May 2007.
  6. Design and Performance Analysis of Energy-Efficient Parallel Storage Systems. The Commodity Cluster Symposium 2007 (CCS2007), Annapolis, Maryland, July 2007.
  7. Energy-Efficient Scheduling for Parallel Applications Running on Heterogeneous Clusters. Proc. 36th International Conference on Parallel Processing (ICPP), Sept. 2007.
  8. Design and Implementation of Energy-Efficient Message Scheduling for Multilevel Security Wireless Networks. Submitted March 2007.
  9. CECA: An Energy-Efficient Scheduling in Parallel Heterogeneous Computing Environments. Submitted, March 2007.
  10. Security-Aware Packet Scheduling in Real-Time Wireless Networks. Submitted Feb. 2007.
  11. Improving Security of Real-time Systems with Nonuniform Distribution of Checkpoints. Submitted March 2007
  12. A Dynamic Voltage Scaling Algorithm for Parallel Applications on Clusters. Submitted March 2007.