Xiao Qin's Spotlight

Auburn University


Ruan Defends & Heads to West Chester University of Pennsylvania


On April 25, 2011, Xiaojun Ruan successfully defended his dissertation, "Improving Energy Efficiency and Security in Cluster Computing Systems." Beginning fall 2011, Dr. Ruan becomes an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science, College of Arts and Sciences, West Chester University, West Chester, PA. Congratulations, Xiaojun!

His research interests include parallel and distributed computing, Energy Efficient storage systems, Computer Security, and Solid State Drives. He serves on several academic conferences committee like ACM Symposium on Applied Computing. He has more than 30 publications on peer-reviewed journals and conferences.

In the past four years, Dr. Xiaojun Ruan and his advisor – Xiao Qin - have been working on several projects related to high-performance data storage systems. Dr. Ruan designed, simulated, and implemented an energy efficient parallel storage system to conserve energy consumption in large scale data centers. He also developed a security module in the message passing interface library MPICH2 to enhance data security in parallel and distributed computing. All the experiments were conducted on a parallel computing platform. In a recent research project, Dr. Ruan studied an approach to improveing performance of solid state drives. In particular, he designed a new cache architecture in flash drives to improve writing performance by enhancing internal I/O parallelism.

To learn more about Dr. Ruan's research projects, visit his web page at http://www.cs.wcupa.edu/xruan/.