Xiao Qin's Personal Photos

Auburn University

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These two photos were taken in front of our house at Auburn on Dec 25, 2008.

Nov. 2008

May 31, 2008.

Finally, we moved into our new house in Auburn, AL. (12/25/2007)

Tina and the transformer are good friends.(12/25/2007) (Left)
Sean and Tina were playing in Tina's bedroom. (12/25/2007) (Right)

10/31/2006 (Left)
My daughter Tina Peng Qin was born in Socorro General Hospital at 4:20pm on Oct. 23 2006 when I was teaching CS589-6. Tina, who is 4 lbs 11oz, 17.75 inch in length, is very healthy and happy. (Right)

My son Sean Peng Qin. (7/11/2005) (Left)
2/8/2006 (Right)

My wife Ying Peng and I stayed at a beach in Chicago. (7/28/2003) (Left)
Sean, Ying, and Xiao. Wuhan, Hubei, China. (6/15/2006) (Right)

St. Louis, Missouri, 2003 (Left)
Lincoln, Nebraska, 2003. (Right)

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