Xiao Qin's Teaching

Auburn University

COMP7370 Advanced Computer and Network Security


Week Topics Slides Lecture Notes Reading
Week 1b 1/13 Introduction Lec01b.ppt    
Week 2a DRAM Remanence Effects





Week 2b 1. Imaging Residual Memory
2. Key reconstruction
3. Identifying keys in memory
Lec02b.ppt Lec02b.pdf  
Week 3a 1. Identifying keys in memory
2. Attacking encrypted disks

Week 4a Countermeasures   Lec04a.pdf  
Week 4b 1. Research Tip: How to choose a research topic?
2. Security of cloud computing
AreCloudsSecure.ppt Lec04b.pdf  
Week 5a

Homework 1

Project 1

Lec05a.ppt Lec05a.pdf CloudAV-sec08.pdf
Week 5b Security as a service   Lec05b.pdf Security-as-a-Service.pdf
Week 6a
  1. CloudAV - Motivations and Basic Ideas
Lec06a.ppt Lec06a.pdf  
Week 6b A Practical, Path-Based Framework for Detecting and Diagnosing Software Faults      
Week 7a CloudAV - Architecvture and Design Issues Lec07a.ppt Lec07a.pdf  
Week 7b Adaptable I/O Systems (ADIOS-X) - by Dr. Scott Klasky.      
Week 8a Security on demand      
Week 8b Medterm Exam      
Week 9a Project 1 Lec09a.ppt    
Week 9b

K-anonymity 1

How to model a problem

Lec09b.ppt Lec09b.pdf k-anonymity-pods98.pdf
Week 10 Spring Break      
Week 11a K-anonymity 2 Lec11a.ppt Lec11a.pdf  
Week 11b

1. How to review papers?

2. How to choose a research problem?

3. K-anonymity 3



Week 12a

How to efficiently reply emails?

Generalization hierarchies

Lec12a-anonymity4.ppt Lec12a-anonymity4.pdf k-anonymity-2002.pdf
Week 12b The MinGen Algorithm - Basic Idea Lec12b-anonymity5.ppt    
Week 13a The VectorCover Algorithm - Basic Idea Lec13a-anonymity6.ppt    
Week 13b The VectorCover Algorithm - Walkthrough Lec13b-anonymity7.ppt Lec13b-walkthrough.pdf  
Week 14a The VectorCover Algorithm - Details see Lec13b-anonymity7.ppt    
Week 14b The MinGen Algorithm Lec14b-anonymity8-minGen.ppt    
Week 15a Freenet - Overview   Lec15a-Freenet1.pdf Freenet-2001.pdf
Week 15b Freenet - Architecture   Lec15b-Freenet2.pdf  
Week 16a Freenet - Security Homework3-Feedback.ppt Lec16a-Freenet3.pdf  
Week 17 Final Exam
Monday, May 2 (12:00 - 2:00pm)