ELEC 6970 Special Topics in EE -- Designing VLSI for Low-Power and Self-Test
Fall 2004

Course Syllabus

11/09/04 Fei Hu: Power Estimation talk paper
11/11/04 Anand Mudlapur: Spectral BIST talk paper
11/16/04 Alok Doshi: Spectral BIST talk paper
11/18/04 Ayoush Dixit: Spectral BIST talk paper
11/30/04 Hillary Grimes: Low-Power Micrprocessors talk paper
12/02/04 John Sunwoo: Mixed-Signal BIST talk paper
12/07/04 Yuanlin Lu: Leakage Power talk paper

Homework 1, assigned 9/30/04, due 10/15/04, Problems 1, 2 and 3 from Chapter 4, and problem 1 from Chapter 5 of Stroud's BIST book
Homework 2, assigned 11/02/04, due 11/30/04.

Lecture 1: Introduction
Lecture 2 (Lecture 25 of testing course): BIST
Lecture 3 (Lecture 26 of testing course): BIST
Lecture 4 (Lecture 27 of testing course): BIST
Reading Material: Chapter 15 (BIST) from VLSI Testing Textbook
Lecture 5 (C. E. Stroud, 9/13/04): Mixed-Signal BIST. Also see ITC'04 paper
Lecture 6 (F. Dai, 10/7/04): Mixed-Signal BIST
Lecture 7 Power Consumption in CMOS Circuits and Low Power Design
Lecture 8 Minimum Dynamic Energy CMOS Design Reference Article
Lecture 9 Variable Input-Delay CMOS Technology for Low Power
Lecture 10 Low Power ASIC Design
Lecture 11 Estimating Power Consumption

List of books on low-power design and BIST