Samuel Ginn College of Engineering

Calendar of Events

Events for Fall 2017

Location & Time
September 14      
            Shelby 1124 6:00PM                             
IP Visit
September 28 Shelby 1124 6:00PM
Alabama Power Visit
October 4
Pre Co-Op Interview Mingle
October 9 Shelby Graduate Student Panel
October 26
Shelby Nissan/Auto Day
October 30 Rec Center
Professors vs Students Dodgeball
November 9 Shelby Boeing or Northrop Grumman

Events for Spring 2017

Location & Time
February 1           
            Shelby Concourse 3:00PM                     
Headshots with ASME
February 9 Shelby 1122 5:30PM
IP Visit
February 13
       Lowder 26 5:30PM
Navy Visit
February 28 Shelby 11:30AM
Alabama Power Lunch & Learn
March 30
Shelby 1126 5:00PM
Young Alumni Q&A
April 7 intramural Fields 4:00PM
Students vs. Professors Softball
April 13 McCartney Suite 6:00PM MECHEY's

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