Meet Miss Auburn Madison Rolling, junior in industrial and systems engineering

Published: Apr 14, 2016 7:00:00 AM
Media Contact: Megan Burmester,, 334-844-2220

Madison Rolling
Madison Rolling

Miss Auburn is her name, and “Clothing for Confidence” is her game…meet Madison Rolling!

A junior in industrial and systems engineering, Rolling was voted Miss Auburn by the student body in February and has been on the go ever since promoting her platform “Clothing for Confidence” and maintaining her engineering class load.

Her journey toward attending Auburn, let alone becoming Miss Auburn, began in high school when she was determining what her true passion was.

“I originally assumed my major would be business, but then I toured an SEC school that had a business/engineering program and that made me want to pursue engineering,” Rolling said.

Speaking with her high school guidance counselor, Rolling learned about Auburn Engineering’s Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, and became interested in the program. After touring Auburn and discovering more about the department, Rolling said the problem-solving aspect of industrial and systems is what ultimately won her over and made her choose the major.

Soon after finding her niche in industrial and systems, she also found her place at Auburn, so much so that she became a finalist for Miss Auburn.

Nominated by her sorority, Rolling ran on her “Clothing for Confidence” platform founded in 2013 as a way to give back to her community of Madison, Alabama. The program collects new and barely used clothing for children in grades kindergarten through 12th grade who are in need of clothing to wear on the first day of school. Clothing is collected from the community during the summer, and “Clothing for Confidence” hosts a shopping day where students can select something they will feel confident in before the first day of school. In its first year, the program served approximately 50 students, and has now grown to more than 600.

“It truly has become my passion and I have loved watching it grow to help even more people,” Rolling said. “Through Miss Auburn, I hope to bring ‘Clothing for Confidence’ to Auburn and the surrounding area to serve our community, and any Auburn students in need.”

When she’s not busy running her charity, Rolling fills her time on the engineering campus, but as she is learning, it’s a balancing act.

“I have to be very intentional with my time, and it requires a lot of planning and organization,” she said. “And to be honest, I am still figuring out how to balance it all.”

Initially, some may think serving as Miss Auburn and being a student in engineering do not have a lot in common, but Rolling thinks the similarities may be surprising.

“In a major like engineering, you have to be prepared ahead of time and that’s something I am seeing is relevant with Miss Auburn as well,” Rolling said. “Industrial and systems engineering deals a lot with efficiency, and I am now having to be very efficient with my time in this role, considering I am only given a year to serve!”

Whether she’s burning a path around Auburn promoting “Clothing for Confidence” or burning the midnight oil on a lab report, Rolling is making her mark on campus and in Auburn Engineering.