Josh and Stephani Connell go from first date at O'Charley's to proposal in Samford Hall tower

Published: Feb 9, 2015 7:00:00 AM
Media Contact: Megan Burmester,, 334.844.2220

josh and stephani
Josh and Stephani Connell on their wedding day.

Where are you both originally from and how did each of you end up at Auburn and in the College of Engineering?

Josh: I am from Anniston, Alabama and both of my parents attended Auburn so when evaluating colleges Auburn was at the top of my list. Additionally, I was generously offered scholarships and knew there was no better engineering school in the state of Alabama.

Stephani: I moved around a lot growing up, though my family is from Houston, Texas. In high school, we moved to Mobile, Alabama where I learned about Auburn. After a visit to campus, I fell in love and knew it was the place for me.

What year did you both graduate and your majors?

Josh: 2008 with a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering

Stephani: 2008 with a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering

How did you meet?

Josh: We were both involved in the Cupola Engineering Ambassadors and became closer after becoming elected officers. Stephani used her power as executive chair to arrange meetings between the two of us. The rest is history.

Stephani: We met through Cupola Engineering Ambassadors and we started hanging out a lot when we both became officers. I thought he was cute and started trying to spend more time with him under the guise of official Cupola business.

Describe your first date?

Josh: I picked her up in my 1996 Toyota Camry and I remember her being impressed that I was driving a manual. We went to dinner and I ordered a salad. Her being from Texas, I almost lost her at that point. Fortunately, I knew a few magic tricks and was able to recapture her attention and affection.

Stephani: We went to the O’Charley’s in TigerTown. I remember being nervous, especially when he only ordered a salad! He attempted to break the ice with some magic tricks and we had a great time. J

josh and stephani engagement
Josh and Stephani Connell's engagement picture in the tower of Samford Hall.

How did Auburn Engineering bring you both together?

Auburn Engineering and the Cupola Ambassadors are what brought us together. Without them, we would have never met.

When did you get married and where do you both live now? Have kids?

We were married in Houston, Texas on May 16, 2009. We still live in Houston and now have two sons ages 3 (Thomas) and 9 months (Michael).

Where do you both work?

Josh works at Kinder Morgan for the Terminals Major Projects group. After working at ExxonMobil for four years, Stephani chose to pursue domestic engineering and focus on our children.

Best memory you both have as an Auburn Engineering couple?

Josh: I think I have to say when we had lunch in the Samford Hall tower. It was a beautiful day and the food was delicious. I also proposed to her, and because I had her trapped in the tower she had to say yes!

Stephani: Definitely the day Josh proposed in the tower of Samford Hall. I was so surprised and it was the perfect place considering how special Auburn is to both of us, and how Auburn brought us together.