Authorized Access to Network Resources

3.1 Physical Access to Equipment

Many College of Engineering faculty and students have access to network resources. These resources may be printers, workstations, PCs, network wiring or connection equipment, etc. Basically, anything that is connected to the network can be considered a resource. Some of these resources are necessarily kept physically secure. Others may be readily accessible to the public at all times.

3.2 Access to Sun Workstations

General access to Sun workstations for College of Engineering network users is currently limited to the Ramsay 113 lab, the Aerospace 123 lab, the Broun 123 lab, and the Shop Building 304 lab. The Shop Building 304 and Broun 123 labs may be reserved for classes. The Ramsay 113 and Aerospace 123 labs may not be reserved for classes. Lab hours are posted at the entrance and will change based on demand and student worker availability.

Other access to Sun workstations is provided by departments. Each department has at least one Sun workstation. Many departments have workstation labs for use by graduate students. The policy regarding access to departmental machines is set by individual departments. Departments are encouraged to allow liberal access to their workstations without compromising physical security.

Some faculty and staff members have workstations located in their offices. Access to these workstations is controlled by the office occupant.

3.3 Access to Networked PCs and Macs

General access to networked PCs for College of Engineering network users is currently limited to Shop Building 204 lab. The Shop Building 204 lab may be reserved for classes.

Access to networked PCs and MacIntosh computers is provided by departments. The departments determine their access policy

3.4 Dial-in Access

Dial-in access to the College of Engineering network and AU-Net is provided by the Division of University Computing (DUC). All dial-in users must abide by the DUC policies for the use of dial-in services.

3.5 Access via the Internet

Access to College of Engineering network services over the internet are provided for login sessions (telnet) and file transfer (ftp). Incoming telnet access is restricted to the machines named:


Incoming ftp access is restricted to the machine named:

3.6 Adding Hosts to the Network

All additions of computer hosts to the College of Engineering network must be coordinated with Engineering Network Services. This includes workstations, minicomputers, microcomputers, terminal servers, and any other "intelligent" machine.

Last Updated: Oct 31, 2012