ELEC 5280/6280 Built-In Self-Test

Description: Description: Description: TextbookLecture: 1-1:50pm MWF Broun 306


General Syllabus


Spring 2013 Syllabus





Lecture Notes:

Overview of BIST

Fault Models, Detection & Simulation

Design for Testability

Test Pattern Generation

Output Response Analysis

Manufacturing & System-Level Use

Built-In Logic Block Observer

Pseudo-Exhausitve BIST

Circular BIST

Scan-Based BIST

Non-Intrusive BIST

BIST for Regular Structures

BIST for FPGAs & CPLDs - BIST History - FPGA Testing

BIST for Mixed-Signal Circuits

Background Lecture Notes:

Anatomy of Flip-Flops

Dr. Nelsonís Lectures Oct. 2008


Assignment #1 due Friday Jan. 25

Assignment #2 due Friday Feb. 1, also read and study ASL & AUSIM Overview Notes

Assignment #3 due Friday Feb. 8, also read and study AUSIM presentation at VLSI Design & Test Seminar

Assignment #4 due Friday Feb. 15

Assignment #5 due Friday Feb. 22

Assignment #6 due Friday Mar. 22

Assignment #7 due Friday Apr. 5

Assignment #8 due Friday Apr. 12

Assignment #9 (Graduate Students Only) due Friday Apr. 19


AUSIM software, manuals, and notes

ISCAS Benchmark Circuit Assignments for Spring 2013:

S208 Michael

S298 John

S344 Justin

S382 James

S386 Porter

S420 Nick

S510 Alex

S641 Sindhu

S820 Kirk

S838 Jingyi

S953 Yu

S1196 Yixuan

S1238 Jie

S1423 Bahou

S1488 Bei

Related Material:

Adder and Multiplier BIST

Classic ITC Papers

VLSI Design & Test Seminar Presentation 9/6/06 - Testing Parity & Hamming Circuits

Dr. Nelsonís MBIST & LBIST slides

Embedded Systems Lecture 1/27/12 - FPSLIC

Embedded Systems Lecture 1/19/09 - Embedded BIST & Diagnosis

Embedded Systems Lecture 1/30/12 - Embedded Processors in Xilinx FPGAs