A Designer's Guide to BIST by C. Stroud
Errata (to be corrected in the second printing):

1)      The page for "About the Cover" was actually a preliminary version that we were kicking around and mistakenly was printed instead of the intended version.  (found by Ramona Stroud)

2)      There is a mistake in the table of primitive polynomials for degree n=12.  The correct table is given here.  (found by Jason Morton, one of my former graduate students at UNC-Charlotte)

3)      There are two mistakes in Table 10.2 Area Overhead of Scan-Based BIST.  First, the non-zero entries for Shift Control should use the variable FFmax (the number of flip-flops in longest scan chain) instead of Nsc (the number of scan chains).  Second, the Nsc entries for MISR should be replaced with the quantity Nsc+Npo, where Npo is  the number of primary outputs of the CUT that are not directly driven by flip-flops in scan chains.  (found by myself)

Happy BISTing!