AUSIM - Auburn University SIMulator 
A hierarchical logic and fault simulator with gate-level stuck-at and bridging faults for all you simulation needs!
Brought to you by the BIST Dudes and Dudettes of the AUBIST Laboratory.

ASL & AUSIM Overview Notes

AUSIM presentation at VLSI Design & Test Seminar
ASL Manual
- AUSIM uses ASL (Auburn Simulation Language) as the hardware description language. (ASL files for ISCAS89 Benchmark Circuits)

AUSIM for UNIX - a brief user's manual for UNIX workstations that assumes you are familiar with the AUSIM for DOS version.
Download workstation version of AUSIM that runs on Windows (NEW VERSION of ZIP file with updated CBIST tools) - use a DOS or command window to run the executable ausim.exe (everything else is like  the workstation version for UNIX).
Circular BIST and Scan BIST tools for ASL (updated version)

AUSIM for Windows (a simple non-hierarchical, logic simulation only version):

AUSIM version L2.2AUSIM L2.2 Manual
download AUSIM L2.2 executable for PC
The download is a .zip file that contains the AUSIM manual, the PC executable, and the example files that are discussed in the manual.  AUSIM version L2.2 supports only elementary logic gates.

download AUSIM L2.3 executable for PC
The download is a .zip file that contains the the PC executable for AUSIM version L2.3 which supports flip-flops including DFF, SRFF, and JKFF.


AUSIM for DOS (hierarchical logic simulation with single stuck-at gate-level fault simulation):

AUSIM version L2.2




Other simulation tools from the AUBIST Lab:


PSIM screen imagePSIM Manual
download PSIM executable for PC
The download is a .zip file that includes the manual (PSIM), the PC executable, and two example assembly language programs including the one discussed in the manual.