Research Interests

Magnetic Resonance Imaging --- Modeling of image features such as edges to improve resolution and using other prior information to increase reconstruction quality.

MR Spectroscopic Imaging --- Optimal acquisition of image data for highest reconstruction quality.

Color Imaging --- Demosaicking of color-filter-array images and optimization of color filter arrays for demosaicked images of high perceptual quality.

Passive Millimeter-Wave Imaging --- Image processing methods for increasing resolution in passive millimeter-wave imaging; image formation and acquisition that enables resolution improvement and higher quality reconstructed imagery.

Image Acquisition --- Investigating various issues involved in acquiring any type of image data so that the image that is ultimately constructed is of the highest possible quality; designing sampling optimization strategies and choosing optimal sensor gains, for example.

Image and Signal Restoration --- Efficient methods for computing image and signal restorations and reconstructions; reducing the complexity of some general mathematical computational problems that will speed up the restoration process.