A Reformed Baptist? What's That, You Say?

It is a source of grief and frustration to me that I need to describe myself as a Reformed Baptist. If most Baptists were true to their theological heritage, I'd only need to call myself a Baptist. But sadly, that is not the case. The term Reformed underscores the emphasis that has been lost among many Baptists today -- an emphasis on the sovereignty of God, the glory of God, the grace of God, and the centrality of God for all of life. It is my conviction that this is nothing more nor less than the theology of the Bible. The Abstract of Principles summarizes what I and other historic Baptists believe the Bible teaches. A more extended historic Baptist confessional statement is The Second London Baptist Confession of 1689. I believe this statement is a detailed description of the teaching of the Bible. However, since the language is archaic, I have written a modern-language version called Confessing the Faith The 1689 Baptist Confession for the 21st Century. Founders Ministries represents a movement and an effort among Southern Baptists to bring the denomination back to its theological roots. I am privileged to serve as the webmaster for this site.

Many people seem to think that being a Reformed Baptist is a contradiction in terms. They accept Reformed theology and assume that along with this comes infant baptism as a package deal. This assumption is false. I am starting work on an FAQ on the Reformed Baptist view of baptism to deal with common objections and questions.