Personal information

First of all, I go by Stan. (If you're a student in my class, I go by Dr. Reeves.) If you call and ask for Stanley on the telephone, I'll immediately assume you're a telemarketer. I was born in Abbeville, SC, the birthplace and the deathbed of the confederacy. For my educational background, click here. My wife Debbie has a PhD in chemical engineering and is now an extremely well-educated homemaker. She operates a small ACT Prep business, Reeves Test Prep. We have six children -- Jonathan, Jackson, Emma, Wilson, Lewis, and Barrett. Jonathan and Jackson are Auburn graduates, and Emma is a student at Auburn.

I like to read, sing, work in the yard, and talk. Other than that, my kids are my hobby. I also have the privilege of serving as the volunteer webmaster for Founders Ministries, a ministry that promotes historic Southern Baptist doctrine and practice.

We are a part of Grace Heritage Church. We would love to have you visit if you're in the area. (For those of you who are theologically inclined, our church is Reformed Baptist.) If you're interested in knowing more, please let me know.

If you're interested in what makes me tick, check out my personal philosophy.