Basic Training for the Christian Mind  

An Online Course
Especially for the Auburn University Academic Community

Stan Reeves

Life is incomprehensible apart from a Christian worldview. The Christian Scriptures reveal the only principles for thinking about ourselves and the world we live in that are both coherent and consistent with the world we live in.

"There is not an inch of any sphere of life of which Jesus Christ the Lord does not say 'Mine!'."
Abraham Kuyper

General information:

Miscellaneous online resources to help you develop a Christian mind

Christian Faculty/Staff Contacts at Auburn University
The Christian faculty and staff on this list have expressed an interest in making themselves available in the academic year 2000-2001 to students seeking guidance in relating their faith to their academic discipline. Don't try to fight intellectual battles all alone!

Reformed University Fellowship at Auburn University
Reformed University Fellowship is the campus ministry of the Presbyterian Church in America. Although RUF is sponsored by the PCA, they welcome students from any and all walks of life. Students from a wide variety of church and religious backgrounds are involved in RUF at Auburn.

Topical outlines and related links by topic:

The High Calling of College Life

Reason and Revelation

The Futility of Non-Christian Thinking

Logic: The Right Use of Reason

What is Man?

Ethics: Knowing Right from Wrong

The Scientist After God's Own Heart

Beauty and the Beholder

Looking at History from God's Perspective

Christianity and Culture

God's Design for the Family

Discerning Your Calling / God's Will

Biblical Principles for Church Life