Report Format

Please follow these instructions when writing your report on your computer exercises:
  1. The comments should be numbered to correspond with the individual step numbers in the project.
  2. Do not attach any requested MATLAB code as an appendix. Show it in the body of the report where you are asked to generate the code.
  3. MATLAB output must be copied/pasted as text, not shown as screen captures.
  4. Be sure to show code that I explicitly ask for or functions that I ask you to write. In addition, show code that demonstrates that you completed a given step in the project if there is no other output requested like a plot or a number or a discussion.
  5. All plots and figures should be labeled and numbered and then referenced somewhere in the body of the report.
  6. Figures must not be screen captures. They should be exported or copied as a figure or an image and imported or pasted into your document.
  7. Text and equations should be formatted in a word processor. Handwritten text or formulas are not acceptable.