Lloyd S. Riggs

Associate Professor

Research interests
Since the end of 1983, Dr. Riggs has worked in the Department of Electrical Engineering. In this
capacity, he teaches electromagnetics field theory, basic circuits, and communication/probability
theory. He has been the principal investigator on numerous research projects with both industry and
government. He has worked with the Anatenna Group of Texas Instruments in McKinney, Texas, to
develop numerical methods useful in the analysis of microwave devices. He has worked with the Naval
Warfare Center (NSWC) in Dahlgren, Virginia, to determine the effectiveness of radar absorbing
material (RAM) in reducing reflections from wire-rope shipboard antennas. At the present time
Dr. Riggs is consulting with the Army Missile Command investigating radar target ID techniques.
Contact information
425 Broun Hall
Dept. of Electrical Engineering
Auburn University, AL 36849
Email: Riggs@eng.auburn.edu
Phone:(334) 844-1866
Fax:(334) 844-1809

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