Stanley J. Reeves

Professor Emeritus

Research interests
Signal processing, image processing, medical imaging, image and signal reconstruction
Other interests
Bitcoin, Bitcoin-based finance, decentralization of education, freedom of speech in education, the relationship between Christian faith and the pursuit of knowledge
Contact information
Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept.,
Auburn University
Auburn, AL 36849
Office: 200 Broun Hall
r e e v e s j   at   a u b u r n   dot   e d u
Phone: (334) 844-1800
Research interests
Graduate students
Teaching philosophy
Personal info
Biographical sketch
Basic Training for the Christian Mind: A Challenge to Think
Santa, the Tooth Fairy, and God: Is faith in God a failure to come to terms with education? | Q&A
LATEX Information
Matlab Parallelization toolkIt
ELEC 5970/6970 - Exploring Bitcoin
Exploring Bitcoin in the University: Preparing A Foundation For Widespread Adoption

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