Mextram - Most EXquisite TRAnsistor ModelΒΆ

Welcome to the official web page of Mextram, one of the Compact Model Coalition (CMC) industry standard transistor compact models that power circuit simulations that power the electronics world. Mextram stands for Most EXquisite TRAnsistor Model. Mextram is excellent for Si and SiGe processes, including high speed RF as well as high voltage high current devices. It accounts for high injection effects with a dedicated epi-layer model, self heating, avalanche, low-frequency and high frequency noises in physical manners, and is formulated with minimal interactions between DC and AC characteristics that simplifies parameter extraction.

Mextram is currently developed and supported by the SiGe group at Alabama Micro/Nano Electronics Science and Technology Center, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, Auburn University. It was previously developed by NXP Semiconductors (-2006), Delft University of Technology (2006-2014 Q2), and Silvaco (2014 Q3-2015 Q1).

Model improvements are charted by the Compact Model Coalition (CMC), a consortium of semiconductor companies and EDA vendors world-wide promoting industry-standard compact model development. The council is affiliated with Si2. For more information on CMC and a list of its member companies, please visit CMC site.