frame layout

software: Design architecture,IC-station

input: s1238_delay schematic

output: s1238_delay_top schematic,s1238_delay_top layout

see file tree

1)create s1238_delay_top schematic

-create a folder ".../s1238/s1238_delay_top"

-generate s1238_delay symbol from s1238_delay schematic

-create s1238_delay_top schematic with s1238_delay symbol

-add property to the s1238_delay symbol

-generate viewpoint for this s1238_delay_top schematic

2)generate s1238_delay_top layout

-create s1238_delay_top layout cell

-insert s1238_delay cell

-generate padframe

-auto route

-manual route

(Because auto route process only routes one pair of GND-VDD, we need to manually route the other two pairs of GND-VDD. The width of path connecting GND and VDD is"50". 6*6 via is also needed to connect mental1 layer and mental2 layer during the above step. )

-DRC check

-LVS check

-save s1238_delay_top layout cell

(note: In some figures of last three steps, s1238_delay_top_layout2 is showed. Actually it is the same as s1238_delay_top_layout.)