Course Number:  MECH 3230
Course Title:        Machine Design
Credit Hours         3
Prerequisites:        MECH 2210, MECH 3130, MECH 3220
Corequisites:        None

Dan B. Marghitu, 2418G Wiggins Hall, phone: 844-3335, office hours: 1:00-2:00 p.m. T Th
Hamid Ghaednia, 2570 Engineering Lab, office hours: 2:00-4:00 p.m. F, email: hzg0008 at

The course is intended to introduce students to a variety of mechanical components and their implementation in system design.  Students will learn fundamental concepts, descriptions, terminology, force analysis, methods of analysis and design.  The emphasis in treating the machine components is on methods and procedures that give the student competence in applying these methods and procedures to mechanical components in general.  The students will learn to use the best available scientific understanding together with empirical information, good judgment, and often a degree of ingenuity, in order to produce the best product for today’s society.  The technical considerations are largely centered around stress-strain-strength relations and surface phenomena.  The students will be able to dissect a complex mechanical system and apply engineering skills to perform analysis and design.  Students will use computer software like Solid Edge for graphical convenience of some design problems, and MATHEMATICA/MATLAB/WORKING MODEL to solve computationally intensive problems.

Tentative Schedule: 
1. Stress and deflection
2. Fatigue.
3. Screws.
4. Rolling bearings.
5. Lubrication and sliding bearings.
6. Gears.
7. Mechanical springs.
8. Disk friction and flexible belts.
9. Rivets, welding, and bonding
10. Shafts design 

Textbook: Juvinall, R.C., Marshek, K.M., Fundamentals of Machine Component Design, John Wiley & Sons, 2001

References (please see AU Canvas): 
Shigley, J.E., and Mischke, C.R., Mechanical Engineering Design, Edition, McGraw Hill, 2001
D.B. Marghitu, Kinematics Chains and Machine Components Design, Elsevier, 2005

Grading Scale: A=100-90% B=90-80% C=80-70% D=70-60% F<60%

Makeup Work  Makeup for hour exams will be given only for valid University excused absences. Makeup quizzes will not be given. Instead, excused absence on quiz days will be treated as if no quiz were given. Any work missed due to an unexcused absence will receive a grade of Zero. If an hour exam is missed due to valid excuse you must contact me by email within 48 hours after the start time of the missed exam to make arrangements for makeup. For the purposes of this class, a University Excuse must be issued by Engineering Student Services in Shelby.

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Contingency  If normal class and/or lab activities are disrupted due to illness, emergency, or crisis situation (such as an H1N1 flu outbreak), the syllabus and other course plans and assignments may be modified to allow completion of the course. If this occurs, an addendum to your syllabus and/or course assignments will replace the original materials.