Conner Douglas Hughes

Born: Friday July 3rd 2:50pm at East Alabama Medical Center
Length: 19 inches
Weight: 6 pounds 1 ounce

random babbling at 4 months:

I've subdivided the picture groups so you don't have to see everything again that you've already seen. Each group is below. And they expand to the pictures for that group. All pictures are shrunk for quick perusal. To get the full sized picture, click on the mini picture (thumbprint) . I still haven't scanned the pictures from his birthday.

The first set of pictures are in the hospital room, the next set are arriving home (car, carport with crib parts suspended - being urethaned), and the last group are in the house. The dark ones didn't come out very well. They looked great on the digital camera, but that didn't seem to come through well on the disk. Anyway, take a look, because they are among the very few shots where you can actually see his eyes open. He doesn't typically open them more than about half way at this point. Spends most of his time sleeping.

The puppy pictures for Alex, our little black Lhasa Apso, are available here

Well, everybody else is eating!!


Pictures from January 2000

Pictures from Savannah Ga around March-April 2000. Some with Bryan (Jennifer's brother) and Cameron (Conner's cousin ~ 6 months older)

Pictures from birth day (so sue me)

pictures from 2nd day - coming home

These are the last 8 from day2, but artificially lightened. They look a bit grainy this way, but at least you can see better. They are among the very few we have with his eyes open!

lightened pictures

Here are some pictures that Jennifer took. The balloons are from my mom. Jennifer needed a break from feeding for a little while.

Closeups - some with eyes open!
The first 8 below are a bunch with him fidgeting around making funny faces. The 9th is in the middle of a sneeze (as opposed to the yawn up in the day2 pictures above). The 10th and 11th are really cute pictures of him sleeping, though I think our favorite of all is 3rd row 3rd column below.

These are some pictures from Jan-Mar 1999.

Various pictures from about May through August of 1999.

This is about as unhappy as he gets most of the time!

His first photo shoot - 3 1/2 months.