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  Bo Liu, Ph.D. 
  Office: 3101P Shelby Center 
  Office Phone: 334-844-6348

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  Zoom ID: 283-127-3778
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Office Hours:

Friday 4:00 - 5:30 pm, and others by appointment. On Zoom.  


Chang Ren; Email:; Zoom ID: 759-846-0087

TA's Office Hours



Advanced algorithms for computational problems and techniques for analyzing their efficiency; designing efficient algorithms and experimentally evaluating their performance.


Graduate status; exposure to undergraduate level algorithms and data structures courses


Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest, and Stein Introduction to Algorithms, 3rd Edition. The MIT Press.


EDGE students have extra 7 days for each assignment and exam

Four Assignments (tentative, 50% in total);
Attendance roll call (5%);
Active class involvement bonus (5%).


interm1  (12.5%): first week of March

interm2  (12.5%): first week of April
final  (20%): final exam week, early May


Grading Algorithm:

Grade(points: real) returns char


   if temp above top 20% then return "A"

   else if temp above top 60% then return "B"

   else if temp above top 90% then return "C"

   else return "D or F"

Academic Misconduct Policy:

You may discuss homework assignments with each other.  However, you are individually responsible for solving all individually assigned homework problems and identify (on the first page of your hand-in) your discussion group members (no more than three members per group). You are not allowed to copy problem solutions from each other. Any detected violation of this policy will result in penalties and will be reported to the Academic Honesty Committee.  If you are having difficulties, don't cheat, instead come and talk with me.

Makeup Policy

If you miss any graded event, you will be offered a chance to make up only if you produce written proof of a university-approved excuse.  Furthermore, if you could have foreseen this omission, you must also have obtained prior permission from me. No makeup will be offered if you do not produce written documentation (that I can verify) for an absence, or if you fail to inform me beforehand about an expected absence even if you have a good excuse. For instance, in case of illness, a note signed by your doctor with his/her name and contact phone number is required. Makeup, if offered, will be in terms of taking other graded items for additional credit.

Re-grading Policy

Any re-grading requests for assignments must be made to the TA, NOT to the instructor, within one week of the day the grades are announced. Any re-grading requests for exams must be made to the instructor, NOT the TA, within one week of the day the grades are announced. Even if you find an error in grading, it will not be corrected if you request re-grading after this deadline. If a re-grading issue is not resolved with the TA, then an appeal may be made to the instructor. Such appeal should also be made within this one week deadline.


Students who need accommodations are asked to arrange a meeting during office hours the first week of classes, or as soon as possible if accommodations are needed immediately. If you have a conflict with my office hours, an alternate time can be arranged. To set up this meeting, please contact me by E-mail.  Bring a copy of your Accommodation Memo and an Instructor Verification Form to the meeting. If you do not have an Accommodation Memo but need accommodations, make an appointment with The Program for Students with Disabilities, 1244 Haley Center, 844-2096 (V/TT).

Contingency Statement

If normal class activities are disrupted due to illness, emergency, or crisis situation, the syllabus and other course plans and assignments may be modified to allow completion of the course. If this occurs, an addendum to your syllabus and/or course assignments will replace the original materials.