Rose-Gaëlle Belinga, '09 CSSE

Rose-Gaëlle Belinga, '09 CSSE

josh tompsonRose-Gaëlle Belinga

Rose-Gaëlle Belinga is all about protecting and ensuring security is at the highest level as a software engineer at Morgan Stanley. Living in New York City, Rose-Gaëlle takes her job seriously and is always developing solutions with her associates toward improving the company's security standards for clients. Read on to learn more about how Rose-Gaëlle is taking a bite out of the Big Apple.

Job Title: Technology associate and software engineer at Morgan Stanley

Industry: Investment banking and finance

What is your role at Morgan Stanley?

My role is to implement and support an industry-leading proprietary clearing technology platform which covers trade entry, allocation and external connectivity to various clearinghouses across the globe.

Our user friendly application ensures the firm is compliant with all markets on which we trade and clear, and therefore contributes to strengthening our financial system.

What are some cool facts about your industry or your current project?

The culture is great and when it comes to projects, it is quite an exciting place to be in: No two days are ever alike. We engineer a multitude of solutions everyday, with many of the brightest minds in the industry, using various technologies.

For example, when a company goes public or whenever there is panic in the market, we have to ensure that our systems can handle the influx in an efficient, reliable, and secure manner, seamlessly to the application users.

Why is what you’re doing important to people throughout the country?

Imagine you make a purchase from a vendor, but before the product is shipped to you, the company goes bust. You only lose the money already spent, but might have to spend even more to purchase it again elsewhere. Wouldn't you want to be protected?

Now, imagine the reverse: You own a business, and stock up your inventory with a large quantity of perishables preordered by a customer. If the client then changes their mind before paying, you must sell those items inexpensively long before the expiration date. Wouldn't you want to have your agreement protected?

Guess what? This is what clearing is all about!

To quote R.A. from The Economist: "If you hedge billions of dollars worth of bets through derivatives offered by another firm, and that firm then goes insolvent, you suddenly have a serious exposure problem, which can ripple through the financial system. A central clearinghouse aims to change the system from one which is vulnerable to the loss of any big player to one which isn't."

In other words, in addition to holding collateral, clearinghouses provide regulatory requirements to various institutions to mitigate systemic risk and thus protect the financial system.

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