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A. ASEE-SE 2020 Workshops

ASEE-SE registration packages include the Sunday, 8 March, afternoon workshops scheduled for 12:00-3:00 p.m. Three Four workshops are offered:

  • Data Science Education in Engineering - Room 2116
    Presenters: Q. Peter He, Shiwen Mao (Auburn University)
    We intend to bring together educators in the data science and engineering (DSE) field to capture the recent progress made in the area of innovative models of DSE education in engineering, with an emphasis on “hands-on experience with real data and real applications”. Some examples include but are not limited to: live or real project based DSE course; problem-based learning; learning by creating; course-based undergraduate research experience (CURE).
  • Survey and assessment design for educational evaluation - Room 2117
    Presenters: Joni Lakin and Chih-hsuan Wang (Auburn University, College of Education)
    This workshop will introduce principles of survey and assessment design (or selection) for evaluating the impact of educational interventions.
  • Developing Facilitators of Learning for a Holistic-Style STEM Professional - Room 2133
    Presenters: Pedro E. Arce, Andrea Arce-Trigatti, Stephanie Jorgensen, J. Robby Sanders (Tennessee Technological University)
    Leading organizations such as the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) (2004) have championed the development of a new type of engineer: holistically skillful, adaptable to work with lean resources, impactful to society’s challenges, and entrepreneurial. At TTU, we have developed and assessed a pedagogical learning platform, the Renaissance Foundry Model (Arce et al., 2015; Jorgensen et al., 2019) that has received several university awards and recognitions from ASEE and other international organizations as an effective platform to guide the development of holistic-style STEM professionals. This workshop will introduce the Foundry and train educators interested in becoming effective facilitators of learning in applying this platform.
  • K-12 Tour of Engineering Workshop - Room 2143
    Presenters: Dimitra Michalaka (The Citadel) and Emanuele Giogli (Volvo Car US Operations)
    The workshop will introduce engineering activities for K-12 students. Activities include concepts covered, hands-on activities, competitions, and other group activities. All activities can be executed in small parts, like few hours long, for shorter K-12 events or all together for up to 10 days long events. Engineering majors covered are civil, mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering. Activities in each of those areas can utilize from basic office supplies to board games and lego robotics depending on the materials available at each school and the comfort level of the instructor.

B. Embedding Engineering in K-12 Education
An add-on event for ASEE-SE 2020!

A full day of special workshops for K-12 educators will be on Saturday, 7 March 2020. This is an ASEE-SE 2020 add-on event focusing on accessibility for STEM education and curriculum and resource sharing. A lunchtime curriculum expo is also planned. Click here to see the full schedule of this day. ASEE-SE 2020 attendees are welcome to attend the K-12 workshop day for an added cost of $20 (includes lunch). Simply select one of the "...Plus" packages when registering for ASEE-SE 2020 (see the ASEE-SE Registration page).

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Jeffrey Rice, Workshops chair
John Hung, Local coordinator