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Ginn MRI Seminar Series


Upcoming Samuel Ginn MRI Seminars:


Past Samuel Ginn MRI Seminars:

***Past Samuel Ginn MRI Seminars can be viewed via the web.  Please contact Julie Rodiek at if you are interested in viewing any of the seminars listed below.***

2013 Samuel Ginn MRI Seminars:

2013/09/25 Jack Knight-Scott
"Quantitative 1H-MRS in the Human Brain using Internal Water Referencing"

2013/02/06 Mark Bolding
"Hypometric Vergence Tracking: Additional Evidence of Significant Visuomotor Deficits Associated with Schizophrenia"

2012 Samuel Ginn MRI Seminars:

2012/10/09 Frank Krueger
"Psychological and neural components of legal third-party punishment"

2012/03/28 Deborah Little
"The "Mild" TBI Misnomer in Combat Injured Veterans"

2012/02/29 David Clark
"Functional Brain Imaging in Alzheimer's Disease"

2012/01/19 Lawrence Ver Hoef
"MR Imaging of Hippocampal Internal Architecture"

2011 Samuel Ginn MRI Seminars:

2011/10/26 David Knight
"Neural Mechanisms Supporting the Learning, Memory, and Expression of Fear"

2011/09/25 Rajesh Kana
"Autism as a Disorder of Disrupted Brain Connectivity"

2011/08/25 Chester Wildey
"A Single Camera System for 6-DOF Patient Motion Measurement in MRI"

2011/08/24 Adrienne Lahti
"Brain Imaging Studies in Schizophrenia"

2011/04/28 Timothy Ellmore
"A Combined fMRI, Intracranial EEG, and DTI Study of Working Memory Delay Activity"

2011/03/31 Kristina Visscher
"How Does Ongoing Neural Activity Shape Behavior? Clues from fMRI and EEG Data"

2011/03/30 Christina Triantafyllou
"Functional MRI from an Ultra-High Field Perspective"

2011/03/10 Marijn Brummer
"Doing More with Less: The Use of Prior Information to Constrain Image Reconstruction for Accelerated Imaging in Cardiac MRI"

2011/02/24 Franz Schmitt
"Status and Outlook of Ultra High Field Imaging at Siemens"

2011/02/24 Siegfried Trattnig
"Advanced Musculo-Skeletal Magnetic Resonance Imaging at Ultra-High Field (7 Tesla)"

2011/02/10 Maurice Weaver
"Current Trends in Preclinical Imaging Research"  

2010 Samuel Ginn MRI Seminars:

2010/10/14 Chris Rorden
"The Left Frontal Lobe’s Role in Language"

2010/04/29 Russell Poldrack
"Putting on the Brakes: The Neural Basis of Response Inhibition"

2010/04/01 Rich Hammett
"AFNI and fMRI: Introduction, Concepts, Principles"

2010/03/11 Haskell Beckham
"Where’s the Water? MRI Applications in Materials Science and Engineering"

2009 Samuel Ginn MRI Seminars:

2009/07/27 Loius Dell Italia
"Medical Therapy for Mitral Regurgitation: A New Paradigm from 20 Years of UAB-AU Collaboration"