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College of Engineering / Research / Centers / Center for Polymers and Advanced Composites / CPAC 2022 Colloquium

Join Us on October 3, 2022, for the 3rd Annual CPAC Colloquium!
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About the Event
Consider how NASA’s space technology has touched our society in virtually every area, including your impact-resistant lenses and memory foam products. Today, new discoveries in polymer materials impact every sector’s use or manufacture of polymer or composite materials, from space to sports, transportation to medicine. The 2022 CPAC Annual Colloquium will generate discussion of future opportunities and solutions to today’s challenges that will be driven by the development of more advanced polymer materials.

illustations of a bottle, tire, plane


Why You Should Attend

Engage with professionals from NASA, the automotive, aviation, and chemical industries, and Auburn University. Meet researchers and discuss how their work may help you develop more effective competitive products.




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