About Us

The AU-ESCTF is a research facility used to evaluate erosion and sediment control products and practices typically used on highway construction projects.  The 2.25 acre facility is located at the National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT) Test Track Facility in Opelika, AL. The Auburn University - Erosion and Sediment Control Testing Facility (AU-ESCTF) was designed and constructed as part of an Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) funded research project.  The facility has the capability of assisting ALDOT and other state highway and regulatory agencies with research, product evaluation, and training associated with erosion and sediment control practices commonly used in construction.



To be environmental stewards within the construction industry by developing improved erosion and sediment control stormwater technologies and practices; advancing the body of knowledge through research and development, product evaluation, and training.


The mission of the AU-ESCTF is focused on the following three components: (1) Research & Development, (2) Product Evaluation, and (3) Training.
research2 Research & Development consists of providing a scientific understanding of erosion and sediment control practices used in construction to minimize impacts to the surrounding environment through performance based, large-scale testing.  The purposed of research and development is to improve the effectiveness of current erosion and sediment controls typically implemented in the field.
testing2 Product Evaluation provides independent, third-party, standardized testing of manufactured erosion and sediment control practices seeking ALDOT approval for inclusion on ALDOT's list of qualified materials, sources, and devices requiring special acceptance.  Overall product performance can be compared against conventional practices to evaluate whether a product provides a substantial improvement in either preventing erosion or promoting sedimentation on-site, in comparison to standard practices.
training2 Training focuses on using knowledge learned through research and development and product evaluation testing and transferring that knowledge to designers, contractor personnel, and inspectors in order to showcase proper techniques of installing, maintain, and inspecting various erosion and sediment control practices on-site.

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