Scholarship Information

The Auburn Pulp and Paper Foundation, partnered with the Alabama Center of Paper and Bioresources Engineering,  offers a competitive academic scholarships for undergraduate students attending Auburn University and specializing in one of the pulp, paper & bio-resource options:



These scholarships are offered to the best and brightest students who are passionately interested in a career in the pulp, paper & bio-resource industry.

To be considered for a Pulp & Paper Scholarship :

  1. Student must be enrolled in the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering with a declared major in chemical, electrical, mechanical, or biosystems engineering with a program specialization in pulp and paper.
  2. Students must answer the following supplemental application question on the AUSOM application:

"Describe your specific career interests in the pulp, paper, and bioresource industry."

High school and community college students  who are interested in the scholarship must first apply  to and be accepted into Auburn University.  Once accepted, they may visit AUSOM to complete the scholarship application.

  • December 1 st: Deadline to apply to Auburn (for scholarship consideration)
  • February 1 st: AUSOM Scholarship Application deadline


For additional questions about the Auburn Pulp and Paper Foundation Scholarship:

Naomi Gehling 



For additional information about engineering scholarships, visit the  College of Engineering Scholarship webpage


For additional information about the Auburn Pulp and Paper Foundation, visit  or email