Nuclear Power Generation Systems Minor


Comprehensively educate and prepare Auburn University engineering students for careers in the commercial nuclear power generation industry

This program and 16-hour minor prepares students for careers specializing in the operation, support and service of America’s nuclear power generation industry. Students who complete the minor will have demonstrated an understanding of the industry’s basic construction techniques, power plant models, integration into the national electrical grid and common reactor plant operations. Coursework for the minor will take place in the classroom as well as on-site at nuclear power generating facilities, and will be taught by Auburn faculty and nuclear industry leaders.

Currently, there are over 215 students from across the campus enrolled in the Nuclear Power Generation Systems minor.  Thirty-nine (39) students have completed the minor and graduated.  Of those graduates, 12 are currently employed in the nuclear power industry. Owen McLaughlin, a 2014 Auburn graduate in Mechanical Engineering with the minor said; ““The Nuclear minor had a very positive impact on my initial Engineering training here at Southern Nuclear. I was the only new employee in this class fresh out of school, but the knowledge I acquired from the nuclear minor allowed me to excel and achieve a class average higher than the majority of the other students. A large portion of the class was a refresher from the systems classes in the nuclear minor. I can honestly say that without the nuclear minor, the class would have been very challenging due to the high volume of new material we were expected to learn in such a short amount of time.“ 

Areas of Emphasis:

  • regulation, safety, reliability and dependability
  • radiological health and work control practices
  • training requirements for operators and maintenance technicians

To learn more about the program, contact Dr. Rick Williams, director.

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