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Alabama's mainstay industries (poultry, aquaculture, and forest products) have many basic engineering needs that occur in their production and processing phases. Engineering solutions are needed for many problems that occur in the production of the raw commodities. For example, engineering expertise is needed to improve the life support systems (feeding, aeration, waste management) for aquaculture systems while also providing engineering solutions to optimize handling and harvesting systems. Similar needs exist in the poultry industry and in the forest products industry. Once the commodity products are taken to processing plants, additional engineering expertise is needed to improve efficiency, reduce energy use, manage waste products, improve food or fiber quality, etc.

Additional research is examining methods to add value to biological products. This includes refining engineered wood composite products, improving the performance and reliability of structural composite lumber, and developing new methods for pelletizing biomass and agricultural waste products.

Faculty working in this area include:

Current and recent projects in this area include:

    • Gasification of woody biomass and warm gas cleanup
    • Renewable hydrocarbon fuels from catalytic pyrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass
    • Biodiesel production from algae
    • Photocatalysts for hydrocarbons production
    • Hydrogen production from bio-oil
    • Utilization of low quality heat for cooling applications
    • Postharvest handling and storage of bioenergy crops
    • Densification of bioenergy crops
    • Poultry house distributed generation using recycled vegetable oils
    • Engineering assistance for poultry houses
    • Waste-oil-fired furnaces as alternatives for heating poultry houses
    • Demonstration of pellet furnace and use of biofuel pellets as energy efficient fuel source
    • Using forest biomass as an alternative energy source
    • Modeling localized material properties of southern pine laminating lumber
    • Quantifying shear strength of high strength southern pine glued-laminated timber beams
    • Qualification testing of high-strength southern pine glued-laminated timber beams
    Last Updated: Sep 06, 2012