Human Exploration Rover team

The Rover team participates in the Human Exploration Rover Challenge at the Marshall Space Flight Center each year in April. This is a race of hybrid bicycles and four-wheeled vehicles with the steering and suspension of an automobile powered by one male and one female student. Teams race around a quarter-mile track with extraterrestrial surface obstacles. Last year, the team placed fourth and this year 20 to 30 students will be part of the challenge.

The Space Club provides the annual and long-term resources needed (facilities, funds, faculty, industry mentors and student recruitment) to sustain projects each year. The  Club is funded partially through by the Alabama Space Grant Consortium that receives funding through NASA. Additional funding is needed to increase student involvement and success at national competitions. Specific items and funds requested include:
• $8,000 annually for used materials and equipment, and travel
• $600 for a new tool post for lathe with quick change x tool holders
 TIG/Stick welder
 Mill, lathe and supplies

Industry and alumni mentoring among team members is encouraged.

Last Updated: 3/4/15 10:11 AM