Robotic Mining team

The Robotic Mining Competition requires a team to design, build and autonomously dig and dump at least 10 kilograms of planetary simulant in 10 minutes. After a two-year absence, 20 to 30 students are returning to the competition.

The Auburn Space Club, and SPARC laboratory, provides the annual and long-term resources needed (facilities, funds, faculty, industry mentors and student recruitment) to sustain projects each year. The Club is funded partially through by the Alabama Space Grant Consortium that receives funding through NASA. Additional financial support is needed attract more students and be successful in NASA competitions. Specific donations requested include:

• $10,000 annually for new or surplus materials and equipment, and travel.
• CNC mill for PCBs, and small parts not practical with standard machining
• Storage cabinets for supplies, metal, wood and circuitry.
 Projector for lab
 NI Elvis Board

Industry and alumni mentoring among team members is encouraged.

Last Updated: 3/4/15 10:06 AM