AubieSat2- Cube Satellite

Students have the opportunity to design, build, test, operate and launch satellites into space. The first satellite, AubieSat1, was launched in October 2011 and AubieSat2 is in the design phase with 30 to 40 students participating.

The Space Club provides the annual and long-term resources needed (facilities, funds, faculty, industry mentors and student recruitment) to sustain projects each year. The program is funded partially through by the Alabama Space Grant Consortium that receives funding through NASA. The AubieSat2 team requests additional funding to increase their chances of success and student involvement. Donations include:

• $12,000 annually are needed for two summer internships.
• $10,000 is needed annually for satellite materials and supplies.
• Industry and alumni mentoring among team members is encouraged.

Last Updated: 3/4/15 9:42 AM