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What is the Graduate Engineering Research Showcase?

The purpose of the event is to highlight and reward the outstanding work of our graduate students, to promote engineering scholarship, professionalism and interdisciplinary research, and to introduce new graduate students into the culture of our graduate programs. The event will include a graduate student poster competition, a meet and greet with new graduate students, refreshments and more.

Are there prizes?

Yes! We will be awarding more than $7,500 prizes including department awards.
Notes: There is a maximum of one prize per participant. One winner will be selected from each department.

How is this related to the Graduate Student Forum and Research Week?

The Graduate Engineering Research Showcase is not directly tied to either the Graduate Forum or Research Week. However, we see the Graduate Engineering Research Showcase as an opportunity for graduate students in the College of Engineering to test and refine their presentation skills and media in front of an audience of their peers.

How can I participate?

We're looking for presentersattendees/visitors, and faculty judges. Presenters will need to make a poster presentation. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about research performed by other students in other departments.

What is a poster presentation?

In a nutshell, you make a poster explaining your research, colleagues come to see you and your poster, and you describe your research to them as briefly as possible. This is an opportunity for you to polish your presentation skills and to share your research interests with others.

What are the poster specifications?

The size of your poster must be 30" x 40" portrait or landscape. It may be mounted on foam board, but it is not required (we will provide a foam board.)

Where can I print my poster?

In the Media and Digital Resource Lab inside the Draughton Library. There is no charge for "class assignments or academic research projects."

Where can I get my poster laminated and/or mounted to a foam board?

Engineering Media Services in the Shelby Center can laminate your poster and/or apply a foam board backing. They can also print up to 42" wide posters (for a fee).

Should I laminate or mount my poster? Or should I do both?

Laminating gives the poster a professional look and is recommended. Mounting on foam board makes displaying on an easel easy, but it makes the poster difficult to travel with, especially for air travel. Also, remember that you may decide to change something on your poster after using it in a forum such as this Research Showcase.

What are the deadlines?

Presenters must register by midnight CST Sept. 25, 2014

Who will be judging the posters and presentations?

A panel of faculty members from each department within the College of Engineering.

What criteria will the judges use when they evaluate the posters and presentations?

Posters will be judged on the quality of the poster design (aesthetics, audience, conciseness, organization, and content) and the presenter's presentation skills (enthusiasm, presentation, response to questions, technical understanding, and audience).

What attire is appropriate for presenters?

Business casual or business dress.

What attire is appropriate for attendees?

Come as you are.

What are some common mistakes or hurdles I should be aware of?

Missing the registration deadline and waiting too late to get your poster printed/laminated/mounted.

How do I write a good abstract?

Here's a few links that may help.

I don't see my question here. Who can answer it?

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