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Computer Recommendations

Computer RecommendationsComputers are an essential part of engineering and Auburn's computer network is one of the finest in the nation, including wireless access in many areas of campus.

Students are not required to have a personal computer, it is strongly recommended. The dominant systems in the College of Engineering are IBM-compatible PCs. Students who wish to purchase a computer are encouraged to purchase IBM-compatible PCs. Students who do not own personal computers can utilize our 24-hour student computer labs.

Apple and Chromebook laptops will not support most software used in the College of Engineering. If you purchase a Mac or Chromebook, you should not expect to be able to download or run software from your device.  Engineering does not require students own a laptop.  You are welcome to purchase a Mac, but you will need to use a computer lab to run required software for schoolwork. This includes Computer Science.

You may also access the Virtual Desktop using   

Computer Recommendation Information

USB Pen Drive:
  32+ GB USB Drive


Our recomendation is to do Monthly Backups (This includes the H: drive and OneDrive).  Backups should follow the 3-2-1 rule.  The university currently has a Box membership that students can take advantage of by navigating to  (off-site backup).  The other backups can be on your PC and on an External Hard Drive.

B&W - Recommend laser printer for black & white printer. HP LaserJet or Brother - Approx $120-250
Color - HP DeskJet, Canon BubbleJet, Epson Stylus; Approx $75-200+

Windows PCs will come with Windows 10 or Windows 11.  

Microsoft Office is used in most curricula and is in all Engineering computer labs. Students, Faculty, and Staff have access to Microsoft Office 365.  You may download that from OIT, LibreOffice is a free alternative to Microsoft Office. LibreOffice is available for download online from LibreOffice supports all Microsoft Office documents formats. 

Microsoft Azure for Education allows engineering students and faculty to download Microsoft software through an agreement between Auburn University's College of Engineering and Microsoft. Microsoft Azure for Education puts professional developer tools and software in the hands of faculty and students. It allows faculty to challenge and excite their students by teaching with the latest technologies.

Adobe creative cloud is avalible to all enrolled Auburn students can download Adobe Creative Cloud at no cost to you. The full suite of Creative Cloud apps can be used for projects that range from academics to student life.  You will need to be in classes to have access to the software, however you can start by accessing the software from

 Virus Protection: Windows 10 has a built-in Virus Protection (Defender).  Defender is in the top 3 of antivirus programs.   Other options are free as well. (ie. Avast! Free, Free AVG or Avira Antivirus)