Instructions of developing your plan of study

The steps to develop your plan of study:

(1) Student should review and understand the degree requirement (Read AU Bulletin and degrees information on the left)

(2) Have a meeting with your advisor to discuss courses that you should take in order to fulfill the degree requirement including possible transfer courses

(3) File the plan of study (or Planner) through DegreeWorks using the following instructions:

  • Select the term (semester, up to the past eight semesters)
  • Enter course numbers that you took in the past semesters
  • Enter course numbers that you are taking in current semester
  • Enter your desired course numbers that you will plan to take in future semesters
  • For Special Topics in Civil Engineering courses (CIVL 7970 or 6970), please use the note box to spell out the specific title for each of these courses.
  • If you completed courses before the past eight semesters, use available spaces under any semester (Planner allows you to enter maximum seven courses under each semester) to enter those courses.  You have to use “Notes” block to explain which course was completed in which previous semester.
  • Use "Notes" block to spell out the course title for each Special Topic course listed in your planner, so that the faculty can understand which courses you took or will take.
  • If you would like to use coursework from other institutions, use available spaces under any semester to enter transfer courses.  You will need to enter each transfer course with a hyphen (“dash”) in front of it (e.g., –CE 670).  Be sure to provide the institution and semester information in the “Notes” block. Please discuss with your advisor first what courses can be transferred before you enter the information in DegreeWorks.
  • Make sure that you have minimum total 30 credit hours for the master program and 60 credit hours for the doctoral program including courses under Engineering Project (CIVL 7980) and Research and Thesis/Dissertation (CIVL 7990 or 8990)

(4). Once your Planner has been created in DegreeWorks, the next step is to notify the Graduate School of your committee. Click here to copy the email requirements, paste the text into an email message, and fill in all the blanks. Incomplete information will not be considered.  For civil engineering graduate students, you do not need to fill the information for "My Graduate Program Officer is" (full name and official Auburn email address). 

(5) After the Graduate School has reviewed your planner, you and your advisory committee faculty members will get an email that ask advisor to obtain necessary approval of the plan of study.

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