The Co-op Program will work with any student or program wishing to set a co-op work experience, but co-op positions are typically only available for students in Engineering, Building Science, Supply Chain Management, Business, and related disciplines.


  • Students must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5
  • Engineering Students must be in-major before beginning a co-op job

If you don't meet the requirements for Co-op,  Internships are still an option.


Complete these steps to apply:
1. Attend a Co-op Interest Meeting: These usually take place during the first few weeks of each semester. See Upcoming Co-op Events
2. Complete the Co-op Application: The application is sent after attending an interest meeting.
3. Meet with your Co-op Coordinator: Schedule an Appointment on Handshake
4. Upload your revised resume to Handshake
5. Schedule interviews and attend Co-op and Internship Interview Day


Co-op Ready: After you submit your Co-op Application, you will be enrolled in a 0-credit hour Co-op Ready Canvas course which will help guide you through the process.

Co-op Fees: Student fees for the co-op program include a one-time $45 application fee and a $100 course fee for each work semester. The application fee is charged after the student completes the Alternation Schedule and is approved to apply for co-op positions. Students who do not meet the eligibility requirements but apply to the program will not be charged. Students also do not pay tuition during work semesters.

Scholarships: The Office of University Scholarships works with students to defer appropriate scholarships when students are completing co-op work terms. Please review this  FAQ page  for more information on this process.

Meal Plans: Students can request an exemption from meal plans for each work semester in AU Access > My Campus > Away From Campus Dining Accommodation Request.

Housing: Co-op students who need to request termination of their Auburn on-campus housing contract due to a co-op work semester may use   this link

Handshake: All co-op positions are posted on the University's online job search platform,  Handshake . Be sure to upload your updated resume to Handshake before applying for jobs.



Co-op + Internship Interview Day: Co-op + Internship Interview Day is your opportunity to interview with 100+ companies to find the best fit. Sign up for interviews on Handshake.

Check out these  helpful interview tips and tricks to help you land a job!

Co-op Send-Off Meeting:  All students who have accepted co-op positions are required to attend a Co-op Send-Off Meeting at the end of the semester in which the student accepts a co-op position. At this meeting, students will receive helpful guidance for having a successful co-op work experience.