Salary: Co-op positions are paid an average salary of $19.83/hour. Click here for more salary information.

Housing: Co-op students are responsible for their own housing costs; however, some companies may offer housing stipends or provide housing for students.

Meal Plans: Students can request an exemption from meal plans for each work semester through AU Access . AU Access > My Campus > Away from Campus Dining Accommodation Request.

Required Class: During work rotations, students must register for COOP 4920. Students in work rotations do not pay tuition, however, you will pay a $ 100-course fee to maintain student enrollment status at Auburn.

Scholarship Eligibility: During work terms, scholarships are placed on hold. Please contact the Scholarships Office to double-check eligibility requirements. For more information, please review these scholarship FAQs.

Football Tickets: All students are still eligible to purchase football tickets. If purchased, Athletics will charge a $101 fee in lieu of student services fees.

Making Changes: Connect with your Co-op Coordinator to request any change to your plans for upcoming school and work semesters.

Co-op Work Term Checklist:

  • Enroll in COOP 4920 corresponding to your work term (-001, -002, and -003)
  • Complete the work term information survey, checkpoint survey, and SkillSurvey evaluation

Spring 2023 (20 weeks)

Report to Work     Tuesday, January 2

Evaluations Due    Friday, May 5

Work Term Ends    Friday, May 19


Summer 2023  (12 weeks)

Report to Work     Monday, May 8

Evaluations Due    Friday, July 28

Work Term Ends    Friday, August 4


Fall 2023 (20 weeks)

Report to Work     Monday, August 7

Evaluations Due    Friday, December 15

Work Term Ends    Friday, December 22


Spring 2024   (20 weeks)

Report to Work     Tuesday, January 2

Evaluations Due    Friday, May 3

Work Term Ends    Friday, May 17


Summer 2024   (12 weeks)

Report to Work     Monday, May 6

Evaluations Due    Friday, July 26

Work Term Ends    Friday, August 2


Fall 2024 (20 weeks)

Report to Work     Monday, August 5

Evaluations Due    Friday, December 13

Work Term Ends    Friday, December 20


Students participate in a 3-semester rotation (typically a Fall, Spring, and Summer semester) to get a full year of experience (52 weeks) prior to graduation.


At various points in your work rotation, you will receive surveys and a link to an evaluation from the Co-op office.



At the beginning of your work term, you will receive a Work Term Information survey to help the Co-op Program capture the most up-to-date information about your co-op job. This brief survey asks for information such as city, state, and salary.


Around mid-term, you will receive a Checkpoint Survey. This survey is to check in on your work experience and for you to privately report any potential work issues to your Co-op Coordinator. Remember, you do not have to wait until this survey is sent to report an issue. 


Towards the end of each work term, you and at least one supervisor are required to complete performance evaluations on SkillSurvey. Each semester, you will receive an email with a unique link to the survey.

SkillSurvey assessment is a valuable tool that allows students to obtain feedback from multiple managers and co-workers regarding soft skill development. It was developed based on the 8 NACE Career Ready Competencies, which recruiters of college students have determined as the 8 most desired soft skills in new college graduates. Refer to this page to learn more about the Career Ready Competencies.

After your 3rd and final work term, you will have completed the Co-op Program. However, our Co-op Coordinators will still be available to assist you until you graduate.

A co-op diploma and honor cord will also be awarded alongside the University diploma. The Co-op staff will contact you to place an order for your co-op diploma and honor cord.