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Meet Our Staff

Office Hours
Our regular office hours are 7:45 a.m. - 4:45 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Prospective/Admitted Student Inquiries:
Current Student Inquiries:
Mailing Address: 152 Wilmore Drive Brown-Kopel Center Suite 1161 Auburn, AL 36849
Phone: (334) 844-4310
Fax: (334) 844-2349

Taylor Coleman

Academic Advisor

Office of Student Services
1155 Brown-Kopel Center

Advises Pre-Civil Engineering, Pre-Industrial Engineering, and Undecided Pre-engineering students.

Kathy Friedenreich

Academic Counselor

Office of Student Services
1145B Brown-Kopel Center

Manages various academic support programs within the College of Engineering to include coordinating efforts of the Engineering Student Services Tutorial Center as well as working individually with referred students to improve their academic standing within the College.

Ann Gulley

Tutoring Center Coordinator

Office of Student Services
1155J Brown-Kopel Center

Coordinates the peer tutoring program for the College of Engineering to provide support for students in over 80 mathematics, physics, and engineering courses.

Mallory Lipscomb

Academic Advisor

Office of Student Services
1155 S Brown-Kopel Center

Advises Pre-Civil Engineering, Pre-Computer EngineeringPre-Electrical Engineering, and Pre-Wireless - Hardware Engineering students.

Belinda Marable

Academic Advisor

Office of Student Services
1155 H Brown-Kopel Center

Advises Pre-Mechanical Engineering students.

Janet Moore

Assistant Dean, Director of Student Services

Office of Student Services
1155 N Brown-Kopel Center

Directs advising efforts in the College of Engineering. Students who are attending Auburn as a high school student (dual-enrolled) should contact Dr. Moore.

Laura Olds

Administrative Support

Office of Student Services
1155 M Brown-Kopel Center

Provides administrative support within the Engineering Student services office.

Sydney Riley

K-12 Student Services Coordinator

Office of Student Services
1161 E Brown-Kopel Center

Functions as K-12 Outreach Coordinator, hosts school groups that visit campus, and special events in support of the College of Engineering.

Jessica Taylor

Director of Recruiting and Scholarships

Office of Student Services
1161 B Brown-Kopel Center

Oversees the recruiting, outreach, and scholarship programs. Coordinates scholarship awards for the college; collaborates with all engineering departments to ensure accurate distribution of all funds to engineering students.

Candace Vann

Academic Advisor and Transfer Specialist

Office of Student Services
1155 K Brown-Kopel Center

Advises currently enrolled pre-engineering transfer students. Candi also conducts transfer student orientations for the College of Engineering.