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Meet Our Staff

Our staff is available to help you determine what courses you should take to further your education or career. From applying to one of our many graduate online degree programs to signing up for a professional development course to any videoography requests, we have the resources available to assist you.  

Director - Greg Ruff
Greg Ruff

Office: 202 Ramsay Hall
Phone: 334. 844.5722

Greg works on long-range planning for the program, and manages the day-to-day activities of the center and produces video projects for the College of Engineering.

Assistant Director - Larry Sellers
Larry Sellers

Office: 217 Ramsay Hall
Phone: 334.844.5714

Larry is the contact with the Federal Highway Administration and the Alabama Department of Transportation for technical training involving highway related issues. 

Program Administrator - Garry Havron
Garry Havron

Office: 217 Ramsay Hall
Phone: 334.844.5710

Garry is responsible for conferences and seminars involving technical training and highway related issues for the Federal Highway Administration and the Alabama Department of Transportation.

Program Administrator - Krysta Weed
Krysta Weed

Office: 217 Ramsay Hall
Phone: 334.844.5718

Krysta develops and administers new programs for degree and non-degree-seeking students. She also assists with program marketing projects.

Program Administrator - Lisa Butler
Lisa Butler

Office: 218 Ramsay Hall
Phone: 334.844.5742

Lisa is the manager of the engineering online professional development courses and provides marketing support.

Administrative Support - Kimberly Brumbeloe
Kimberly Brumbeloe

Office: 217 Ramsay Hall
Phone: 334.844.5713

Kimberly oversees the registration software programs for the office and is the contact for non-degree students. She is also the web developer for office-related projects.

Administrative Support - Carla Story
Carla Story

Office: 217 Ramsay Hall
Phone: 334.844.5733

Carla is a contact for those non-degree registrants, and provides administrative support for the program.

Academic Programs Administrator - Becky Young
Becky Young

Office: 202 Ramsay Hall
Phone: 334.844.2505

Becky provides administrative support for the program.  She is also the point of contact for coordinating classrooms for the program.

Administrative Support - Susan Lovvorn Davis
Susan Lovvorn Davis

Office: 202 Ramsay Hall
Phone: 334.844.2503

Susan is the staff and student contact for all Online Engineering Student Services. She is responsible for exams, student registrations, medical holds, and proctor approvals.

Assistant Director - Bill Cameron
Bill Cameron

Office: 202 Ramsay Hall
Phone: 334.844.2508

Bill manages the video production and distribution of credit courses for the Auburn Engineering Online Program. He is also the point of contact for faculty regarding course recordings.

Media Production Engineer - Ken Williams
Ken Williams

Office: 302 Ramsay Hall
Phone: 334.844.2516

Ken designs, installs and maintains equipment, recommends purchases and equipment upgrades and troubleshoots media production issues.

Media Production Specialist - Gabe Moore
Gabe Moore

Office: 302 Ramsay Hall
Phone: 334.844.2520

Gabe handles the media production and video efforts for field and studio support of degree courses, continuing education and marketing. He also trains students workers in proper method of classroom recordings.

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